Lew is the Managing Principal of the Design Services Division for Federal Business in the URS’ Washington, DC office.  In this capacity, he is responsible for leading and managing the operations of the Washington, DC architectural design and engineering practice, which includes a wide range of design and design-build projects for federal government, and commercial institutions worldwide.

He moved to Washington DC in 1978 when HDR opened the office in Alexandria, Virginia. He was with HDR until 1992 where he served as Executive Vice President and director of the design services in the Middle East.

Prior to joining URS, Lew was the Director of the Washington Office of RTKL Associates and later a partner of Kling Design in Washington.

Lew has developed a habit for taking responsibility for large complex projects for higher education; healthcare; buildings for research and buildings requiring high degree of security.

Next time you are in Washington don’t forget to give us a call. 

 Home:
1510 Deer Point Way,
Reston, Virginia 20194

 Office:
2020 K Street NW
Washington, DC 20006


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